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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jordan experience - Kunafa

Hi! I am Lana. And I want to share my best and sweetest Jordan experience - Kunafa :)
When I try kunafa (kanafeh) for a first time, it was a Xmas party in Abu Dhabi. Good and boring restaurant, everything is so clean and made right, that almost impossible to feel any special taste of Middle East. Too much standard. So when they served a desert, it was kunafa. And it was same like all restaurant – too much classy, too much good and totally not impressive. It is like a man with too much good manners – you can't say anything bad about him either, but he is so much boring and you have no idea what to do with him on a date.
So when I came to Amman and my friends told me – "And now is a final step of our Amman city tour to Citadel, Temple of Hercules, Roman theater… Let's try best kunafa in Amman!", this words did not impress me much.
We came to an inconspicuous place in Downtown, all the sweet shop is from a counter at outside and little room where few people cooking non stop. There are lot's of customers around who is eating kunafa right on the street table near the café. And no matter of a season, there are always many people who come to eat kunafa at this special place. This place in Amman downtown is must seen in Amman city tour. Nobody can remember when this shop was opened, but for last 50 years it is one of a favorite place for locals to get sweets.

And this kunafa from Downtown in Amman is really amazing! Nothing close for a boring Abu Dhabi taste from restaurant. Hot and tasty extremely sweet delicious, the real taste of Amman for me.
My first words when I try it was – It is incredible! Give me a recipe, I want my friends in Russia try it too. So here is a recipe to cook kunafa at home J.

You can try the taste of Amman with best kunafa from downtown. And of course, Mansaf – traditional Jordanian food. But about Mansaf you can read in next article.
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